Transport order: Recording of manual costs

The transport order program "Disposition \ Processing \ Transport Order" contains, among other things, the "Costs" tab, which displays a tabular overview of the individual recorded costs of goods and procurement costs.

The possibility of recording manual transport costs is only given if the "DispoMitManuelleKosten" property has been set to "1" or "true" in the basic parameter "000003 Fahrzeugdisposition".

The manually recorded transport costs may trigger postings during processing (integration) of orders generated from transport deliveries.

The new button can be used to record another cost rate. Double-clicking on a displayed table row allows you to process the corresponding transport costs.

When a manual cost rate for the transport order is created, at least one cost category (costs of goods or procurement costs) has to be assigned. Optionally, a customer account can also be assigned if this is used for posting and if the assigned cost category is not defined as imputed cost.

When reading the goods cost category, the customer account, the currency as well as the factor and conversion values ​​are set on the basis of the contracts entered in the transport order (with a preference for the sales contract).

However, these can then be adjusted directly in the program window.