Contract management: Contract rates without main article

In the contract management of tacoss.eTRADE, the contract rates quantities are displayed on the basis of the allocation variant from the contract type as well as the final quantity and the term of the contract. If one of these properties changes, the user is prompted during the saving process whether the contract rates should be corrected automatically.

When entering group and individual contracts, individual contract articles can be assigned to the contract and individual and transaction-relevant properties can be defined depending on the article and the article type.

In addition to the product variant (article and article type) also the runtime (valid from and valid to) from the contract articles is used for the automatic adjustment of the contract rates.

The automatic adjustment of the rates in a contract can be influenced by the user. In a dialog box, the user selects the way in which the adjustment should take place.

If only the product variants from the contract items are to be taken into account when the contract rates are generated, and the direct specifications of the contract are only to be used if no contract articles have been recorded for the corresponding time periods, this must be specified by means of a new property in the basic parameter"000078 KontraktMengeMitDispo".

If the "RatenFuerKontrakt" property is set to ​​"0" or "false", only the specifications of the individual contract items apply. Only for non-defined periods, the specifications for the article or article type from the contract are transferred into the corresponding rates.

In order to continue to maintain the process-based or automatically generated contract rates for a dialog-based adaptation, they were extended by the new "Ersteller" (Creator) selection field.

Using this feature, the system can determine whether a contract rate has been generated whilest processing a contract or entering a contract article or has emerged from operations in dispositon at the scale or from order management.

The following "calculated column" exists for contract rates within the contract window, the query and search windows as well as the rate-based query areas:

  • Ersteller (Column: KONTRAKTRATE.HERKUNFT) This column shows the contractor of the contract rate: Contract, Scale, Order, Dispo, or Undefined.