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Artikel mit dem Tag "Vorgangsbearbeitung"

Contracts · 26. May 2020
Contract slots can be used to control logistics goods transactions in tacoss.eTRADE. This has many advantages for processing goods transactions via transport orders and at the scales.

operations · 23. October 2019
The integration of RFID-based data streams into the processing of goods transactions laid the foundation for the processing of goods deliveries via self-weighing terminals.

operations · 26. September 2018
After recording transactions using the order management of tacoss.eTRADE many of those need to be settled. So far users were responsible for printing invoices, credits and other bills either by using an immediate printing functionality or by selecting a corresponding form in a print preview window. For many users this was a repetitive activity every day. It took a lot of time. The automatic billing in form of  ...

Workflow · 29. June 2016
The benefits of electronic signatures are especially significant for companies with complex responsibilities and high volumes of document traffic. You get even faster turnaround times by simplifying the document flow and reduce your paper consumption. The collected biometric data enable an automated authenticity check and the associated high level of security. The prerequisite for the smooth process is the integration of the signed electronic ...

dms · 11. February 2016
For the processing of the print files, the processing and release of the print file records as well as the control of the printing documents and inspection of the archived documents, the print box is the main window. This can not be called from the window menu! Instead, a special section appears for each user in the upper-right corner of the main tacoss.eTRADE window, if the client is unlocked and the user has the required authorization level ...

Disposition · 13. August 2015
The vehicle scheduling (in the menu: "Scheduling \ Processing \ Vehicle Scheduling") has the data of a vehicle order so far in a timeline or tabular color coded according to their status in the order pool, the additional pool and the extra pool or detailed in the tab "Vehicle order In the tree structure "Fleet" the vehicle orders are also displayed in color coded in the respective tours. For visual ...

Disposition · 16. July 2015
When planning the routes and assigning the vehicle orders for the individual routes, it is sometimes necessary for the dispatcher to consider the outstanding vehicle orders from different perspectives.

Administration · 13. July 2015
In the order management of tacoss.eTRADE (in the menu: "Orders \ Management \ Processing") customer-related processes are recorded. It often happens that during a customer conversation or telephone call or the recording of an order for the customer also special information is disclosed, which are relevant only for later orders. For this purpose, the user had to open a customer or a customer account query program in parallel to the order window ...

Monitoring · 30. June 2015
In the area of ​​contract management in the menu "Contracts \ Processing \ Contracts", the print preview window contains, among other things, the evaluation "Contract / Stock Commitment". This list in the high-side Din A4 format compares the planned and open quantities and prices of the buying and selling contracts below the item-related stocks and calculates the long / short position including the gross profit. The contract-based evaluation was conducted in terms of ...

Disposition · 29. June 2015
The Transport Request program in the "Disposition \ Processing \ Transfer Order" menu contains, among other things, the "Quantities" tab, in which a tabular overview of the individual loading and delivery periods or quantities is displayed. The information is basically purely informative and will only be considered or printed in evaluations and various transport documents. However, since the last program version of tacoss.eTRADE, there is a possibility that the ...

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