Transport order: Verifying daily load and delivery quantities at the scale

The transport order program "Disposition \ Processing \ Transport Order" contains, among other things, the "Quantities" tab, which displays a tabular overview of the individual loading and delivery periods or quantities.

The information is basically purely informative and is only taken into account and printed in evaluations and various transport documents.

However, since the last program version of tacoss.eTRADE, there is the possibility that the daily quantities planned and set in the transport order can also be checked on the scale, when weighing orders, and any overruns can be reported to the user in a dialog window.

The general procedure for checking the daily quantities has been extended. When you assign a transport order to a weighing order, the system checks whether there are already transactions that have been loaded.

The basic parameter "000098 WaagenParameter" has been extended by the two new properties "DispoErsatzMengeInput" and "DispoErsatzMengeAusgang" to enable the initial weighing of weighing orders. These can be set to integer values ​​which are taken into account as a substitute quantity in the unit "kg" for incoming and outgoing weighing orders. They can also taken ito account for transport deliveries, when the quantity of the deliveries still shows 0.00 kg. For replacement quantities of 25 t, the corresponding property should be set to the value "25000".

The new property "DispoTagesNullMengen" can be set to "1" or "true" to ensure that a planned day-to-day quantity of 0.00 kg ensures that the user is prompted to release the transport order at the scale. The values ​​"0" or "false" deactivate this dialog-based query and always accept the transport order automatically.

In addition, tacoss.eTRADE checks whether a planned daily quantity for an addressed transport order exists. In case no daily quantity could be determined at the current date (for example, during waiting days before the start and after the end of the runtime). In these cases, a dialog box with a corresponding hint appears:

The default is deliberately on the " No " button!

If the user clicks the "No" button with the left mouse button, the transport request assigned in the weighing order will be reset. Otherwise, the system assumes that the user accepts the transport order.

The extended examination of the proposed daily amounts on the balance complements the control functions in the management control of transfer orders in the ERP software tacoss.eTRADE ,