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Vehicle order: Using an additional third order pool

When planning the routes and assigning the vehicle orders for the individual routes, it is sometimes necessary for the dispatcher to consider the outstanding vehicle orders from different perspectives.

The vehicle disposition (menu: "disposition \ editing \ vehicle planning") has been extended to that vehicle orders can now be limited and selected in an additional third order pool called Extrapool.

Extrapool - configuration area

Dieser zusätzliche Bereich verfügt über die gesamte Funktionalität des Auftragspools und kann unabh��ngig vom bestehenden Auftragspool und Zusatzpool eingegrenzt, sortiert und angepasst werden inklusive der Filter, der Abteilungen und der Einstellungsparameter aus dem zugehörigem Konfigurationsbereich.

Fahrzeugaufträge k��nnen aufgerufen, markiert und an Fahrzeuge bzw. Touren übergeben werden.

By means of setting parameters which are automatically stored in the personal profile of the respective scheduler, the period of the vehicle orders to be displayed can also be determined in the extra pool, for example.

You will find the "Settings" tab in the central detail area of ​​the scheduling window. The setting parameters of the extra pool are located in the "Extra pool" tab.

The benefits for dispatchers

This enhancement allows the dispatcher, for example, to display and monitor his own vehicle orders in the order pool and at the same time the open vehicle orders of another dispatcher or another department in the extra pool.

If the extra pool is closed or hidden, it can be displayed again via a selection dialog box.

In addition, the new "UpdateAllPools" property in the basic parameter "000003 VehicleDisposition" can be used to specify that all the pools used (order pool, additional pool and extra pool) are automatically updated when a status of a vehicle order has changed. To do this, set the property to the values ​​"1" or "true".