Transport order: THG base / THG basis for sustainability

When processing recorded transport orders in tacoss.eTRADE (in the menu: "Disposition \ Processing \ Transport order"), specific requirements apply for the management of sustainable biomass, in particular for the examination of such goods.

The input fields for the THG value and the THG basic value are only active if the THG calculation type is set to individual (empty). The THG value specifies the product-specific value in the unit "g CO2 eq / ME" (ME = unit of measure, eg kg or liter). However, the THG provides the emission value in the global unit "g CO2 eq / MJ". 

The THG basis determines whether and in which way the THG value is to be taken into account in the sustainable goods transactions. The following variants are currently supported (in brackets you will find the value for the underlying database column "DISPOAUFTRAG.THGWERTART"):

  • Without (= 0) The THG value is purely informative and should not be considered!
  • Goods (= 1) The THG value relates solely to the goods (cultivation).
  • Goods + transport (= 2) The THG contains the goods (cultivation) and the transport.
  • Process (= 3) The THG value refers solely to the process (processing).
  • Total (= 4) The THG value describes the total value of emissions and contains the goods (cultivation), the transport and the process (processing).

The THG value always has priority over the global THG basic value! If both are set, the conversion factor is calculated from these if the variant "goods" has been selected as a THG basis!