tacToGo: The web portal now also in an app

As part of the product tacoss.eMOBILE, tacToGo is the first app for iOS and Android. This mobile application allows you to access your orders, contracts, accounts and other data and documents at any time and any place.

tacToGo combines all features and benefits of the web portal with the benefits of a mobile app. You can use your login data to access the web portal tacoss.ePORTAL of your business partner. Current data is synchronized and stored offline on the device as soon as you are connected to the internet.

Features and Benefits of tacToGo

  • Separate profiles for all business partners in one app
  • Data can be viewed in off-line mode (without Internet connection)
  • Corresponding to the web portal all documents can be displayed
  • Immediate availability of completed operations
  • Overview of all accounts with corresponding movements
  • Contracts, commissions, orders, weighing transactions, qualities, etc. can be viewed
  • Encrypted data exchange with the web portal allows high security
  • Efficient processing and viewing of relevant data regardless of your location

Use our test environment to familiarize yourself with this app. To do this, open the app. Then click the green "Demo Account" button. The test account data is entered automatically.