Contract slots: Efficient handling of your goods transactions

Within tacoss.eTRADE, contracts are often processed via transport orders at the scale. For the logistical processes, the agricultural trader is provided with lists of so-called slot numbers by the consignee. These are created for delivery and loading periods with quantities and other properties.


From now on, you can use contract slots in a separate program window in tacoss.eTRADE to control logistics goods transactions. These make processing easier, increase transparency for business partners and avoid data entry errors in the processing of goods transactions!


To support the manual entry of contract slots within the contract windows, contract slots can be read from files and assigned to contracts. In addition, incorrect contract slots can be easily removed afterwards.

If several business partners, in particular ship-to parties, send files with contract slots that differ from each other in structure, it is recommended that you create several directories. These can be configured separately as independent WatchServices. As soon as received files are copied to the directories, the watch server recognizes them and reads them separately from each other. The different structure of the data rows is taken into account individually. In addition, a different contract customer can be defined for each WatchService.


If files are accidentally copied and read into the directories multiple times, parameters help to create only missing contract slots and assign them to the contracts.

Advantages for goods handling


Generate transport orders from slots

This functionality makes it easy to create transport orders based on selected contract slots from all contract-related query areas. The minimum authorization level to be set for activating the function allows you to select the authorized users specifically.

Transport order:

Processing of slots in delivery quantities

Using the contract slots in transportation delivery quantities or date quantities to control logistics goods transactions makes it easier to process transport orders using contracts.


Processing of transport delivery quantities

The use of contract slots in transport delivery quantities or date quantities to control logistics goods transactions also allows you to print the contract slot data on dockets and weighing notes.

Transport order:

Split and share via slots

This functionality makes it easy to create a new transport order for several selected transport delivery quantities in one go.