Team portrait: Marketing expert Nina Lorenz

Nina Lorenz

Marketing & Public Relations

Creative mind of the company

My job at Tacoss

Everything to do with marketing and public relations. From the website to print media to personnel marketing.


My area of expertise
I like to work creatively. I like to present complex topics in an understandable and clear way.


That's what I like about Tacoss

Working in a small but very efficient team. Together with the team, you have the feeling that you can make a difference and are always challenged.


I can not without
Positive thinking people around me.


My motto
Everything is in constant motion. Stay flexible.


I like to do this in my spare time
Play tennis, play the piano and spend a lot of time with my family.


I am good at

Listening, laughing, motivating myself, being in the present.

I'm not that good at that

Be on time, tell jokes.


I would like to do that one day

Traveling to New Zealand with my family and helping out on a farm.


I would like to learn that

Mental strength for a tennis match, bundling all energies and being able to concentrate on the utmost.


Describe yourself in 3 words

Balanced, communicative, curious


Everything is in constant motion. Stay flexible.

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