Whether trainee, working student or dual study - we train specialists!

As a provider of comprehensive ERP software for agricultural traders, we rely on well-trained employees who have a deep understanding of the complexity of the software as well as sufficient industry knowledge. That is why we train our employees ourselves and accompany them from their apprenticeship to their studies and finally to their employment as full-time employees.


Apprenticeship at Tacoss: Specialization and responsibility

Right at the beginning, we make sure that each apprentice can specialise and take on their own areas of responsibility. As a rule, we succeed in taking on our trainees directly after they have completed their training. Our former trainees Oke Dreja, Sascha Repenning and Maurice Wunder joined us full time directly after their training and have since become - optimally prepared and trained through their training - indispensable employees.They are now indispensable experts in their respective fields of specialisation, having been optimally prepared and trained during their apprenticeships.


New trainees on board!

This year, too, we were able to win two new trainees. Together with our trainee, who is now in his second year of training, they tackle the technical challenges of the IT world. Depending on the focus, we ensure that the trainees are assigned a mentor and appropriate contact person.

Our trainees have brought a new wind into the company and are already actively supporting us in a wide variety of areas! We are delighted to welcome them to our team!


From trainee to working student to full-time employee

Two of our former trainees have decided to continue their studies and are now working for us as working students. As a result, they bring valuable impressions and impulses as well as current input directly from the university to us. It is a win-win situation in which our working students can organize their working hours with us flexibly, finance their studies and continue to support us with their specialist knowledge.


One of our senior developers also did his master's degree “on the side”, which enabled him to specialize even further in some areas. Our former student trainee recently finished his studies and has now joined us full-time. Since then he has been able to support us even more actively and cover other areas with his specialist knowledge and excellent training.


Investing in future employees is very important at Tacoss, so that our company, our expertise and our specialist knowledge can be passed on from generation to generation and our company can continue to operate successfully.


Our cooperation is characterised by the give and take between the experience of long-standing employees and the fresh impulses of new specialists. With mutual support, we succeed in securing the company's continued success and actively shaping its future even today.

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