PIM exchange: Process run to synchronize the contacts of the sales reps

tacoss.eTRADE offers various process runs. Also a process run to synchronize the contacts of the sales reps. This monitors and manages the updating of the contacts. In order to create this process run, a "sales representative" window must be opened, which can be opened by double-clicking on the "representative" program.

To start the configuration of the process run, press the "Select Process run" button (alternatively with "Shift + F8"). A process run window will open. In the combo box "Process run", you can select which process run is to be started. After "Synchronize the PIM contacts" is selected, the window is filled with various components:

In addition, a protocol is prepared which describes exactly which process or process run is involved and which parameters have been selected. The protocol also provides information about the current synchronization of the sales representative and its current status. At the end of the protocol, a record of the synchronized sales reps and the number of synchronized as well as exported PIM contacts are listed. It can be saved using the "Save" button.

The contacts have been created in the external PIM program and can be viewed and used in the folder specified in the PIM connector.