Qualities: Determination of the target values in order

When processing quality-based transactions, such as orders, weighing orders or transport orders and deliveries, article-specific analysis values ​​from sample and laboratory samples can be recorded. Based on these values, quantity and value-based deductions are derived or calculated.

The limits of the valid value ranges (minimum and maximum) as well as possible presets can be defined in many program areas on which the operations are based.

These range from article-specific specifications to site-specific or plant-specific values ​​(including radical and article-specific limit values) to defined value ranges for contracts and transport orders.

In addition to weighing the order window and Program window for detection of transport deliveries and order items are available to enter analysis values ​​tabulated can.

The entry tables for the analysis values ​​display the measuring unit, the minimum, the maximum as well as the deviation / difference of the entered value to the range of values ​​for the qualities in the individual columns.

Determining the target values for the qualities

Previous approach

The determination of the target values for the individual qualities depends on the program window in different areas:

  • Wiegeauftrag: Die Ermittlung berücksichtigt sowohl artikel- als auch abholwerks- und kontraktbezogene Vorgaben. Sofern konfiguriert, werden auch radikale Grenzwerte herangezogen.
  • Transportlieferung: Für die Vorgaben der einzelnen Wertebereiche werden festgelegte Minimum- und Maximum-Angaben des entsprechenden Artikels und des zugehörigen Transportauftrages berücksichtigt.
  • Auftragsposition: Neben den Vorgaben aus dem Artikel werden auch die Wertebereiche des zugeordneten Kontraktes miteinbezogen.

The so far different approach to determining target values ​​in the various program windows can now be specified in detail using a basic parameter and thus also be standardized.

New or alternative approach


The basic parameter "000072 QualitaetGrenzenWarnen" contains the four new properties: "StandardReihenfolge", "AufposReihenfolge", "DispoReihenfolge" and "WaageReihenfolge".


Using these properties, the respective default prioritization is defined as a "|" -separated listing of the target order. The following indicators are used for the individual reference areas:


  1. Directly assigned quality values ​​to the article and, if necessary, the radical limits (DB table: ARTIKELQUAL).
  2. General and article-related value ranges including the radical limit values stored in the program collection warehouse ​​(DB tables: WERKQUAL and WERKQUALART).
  3. Quality-based specifications of the contract itself and the eventual contract article (DB tables: KONTRAKTQUALIT and KONARTQUALIT).
  4. Values ​​in the transport order for the respective minimum and maximum (DB table: DISPOAUFQUAL).
  5. If this code number is the only one defined in the AufposReihenfolge", "DispoReihenfolge" and "WaageReihenfolge" properties, the corresponding range is the collection from the "StandardReihenfolge" property.  

If only the "StandardReihenfolge" property is defined, it applies to all areas. Otherwise, the target values ​​are determined by the area-related "order" properties of the basic parameter. If this is missing as well, or if this is empty, the previous old procedure in the various program windows applies.

Example: "StandardReihenfolge = 1 | 2 | 3 | 4"


This listing means that the article-specific quality values ​​"1" are first determined. These are overwritten successively with the specifications from collection warehouse "2" (first general, then article-specific), from contract "3" (first direct, then contract article-related) and from transport order "4". The quality-related target values of a transport order have a higher priority than the values ​​from the contract, the collection warehouse, or the article.


If only the radical limit values ​​are to be taken into account is determined by the basic parameter "000040 RadikaleQualGrenzen". If the value is set to "0", the normal values ​​are considered in regard to the minimum and maximum. However, the value "1" means that only the radical limit values ​​are taken into account. In this case, generally no target specifications are considered from the contract or the transport order.



Collection warehouse related quality values ​​in the weighing order window

A special feature is the use of collection warehouse related quality values ​​in the weighing order window. Due to the historically developed processing logic at the scale, only those qualities are automatically taken into account in the entry table for analysis values, which were also explicitly released for the collection warehouse. Target values for further qualities from the areas of articles, contracts or transport orders are filtered away.